We designed this is to be a very powerful and easy to use system.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Take a look at what our customers have to say

“COLSYS is a
Very Powerful System”

JOHN MACALLY – Executive Director, Muskoko Woods

COLSYS has helped us to collect our outstanding invoices faster and with less effort than before. It is a versatile and very powerful system

  • "Money Saving System"

    “We’ve been using COLSYS now for a couple of months and it has already saved my company over £600. We had a very difficult customer situation but thanks to COLSYS we’ve now been paid.”

    Karen Tolley – Yellow Rose Housekeeping Services

  • "Dealing with Late Payers"

    “As a small builder, sometimes it’s hard to get people to pay up. I’m dealing with people I know, so I don’t want to upset them. Having COLSYS to automate the reminders is really helpful. It makes it less personal when I’m dealing with late payers.”

    Brian Taylor – Building Contractor

  • "Prompts me to Remind"

    “My customers pay small amounts but there are lots of them, so I often failed to chase up late payers. I find that collecting my cash is so much easier now that COLSYS is driving the reminding process.”

    Emily Gibbs – Mobile beautician

  • "All Paperwork Dealt with"

    “I run an IT consulting business. Clients often pay late, query invoices and generally mess me about. That’s the tough part of dealing with big business. But with COLSYS on my side I have far fewer problems because I have an impartial system driving the recovery process.”

    John Letterman – Indepedant IT Consultant