How Colsys can revolutionise your company finances

You’re in charge of collections. You’re not paid to mess around. It’s all about cash flow. Colsys is the means to get the job done. It will help you manage the team, with expert systems work flow. You can allocate work to individuals or groups. You will see who’s collecting and who’s not making their calls. You’ll have a system tailored to every compliance issue, every company rule and every best practice in the industry. You won’t pay anything except when an account is in arrears. There’s no Capex, no integration and no need to ask the IT department anything. Welcome to Colsys in the Cloud. Welcome to better, faster collection tailored to you.

System Key Features

Colsys was the first collection system to be fully internet delivered and is the only one available via the Cloud. You just send your arrears account to Colsys as a simple file. You pay pennies per account, per month. Once they’ve paid, the account is updated and sent back to your corporate accounting system.

  • A state of the art credit management system
  • A system tailored to your company’s collection methods and rules
  • Fully compliant with all UK legislation now and going forward
  • Automatic process management for reminders, dunning and pre-legal collections
  • Automatic submissions to CCBC and fully automated handling of cases
  • Payments to third parties such as courts and solicitors
  • Management of interest charges, disbursements and other expenses

Colsys Value Proposition

At Colsys we express our value proposition by what it does for our customers. Colsys collects more of the money owed to our customers and collects it faster, at a lower cost.

Benefits of Colsys

It collects more because it is tailored to reflect your company’s collection methods and your industry’s best practices – and compliance rules. Colsys does this by being simple to tailor. Building a flow of your collection process takes us a day or so. Our competitors cannot match this this flexibility.
Why faster? Because our work flow, iQ, optimises the performance of our collections team.
Why cheaper? Because Colsys is in the Cloud you don’t need to host it, maintain it or support it. You pay by the account per month. There are no other charges. It’s inexpensive, simple, rugged and powerful.

How to implement Colsys into your company

It’s a 3-step process which typically takes 2 working weeks:

  1. You produce a simple (or complicated) diagram of your collection process then we transform
    that into ‘event paths’ in Colsys.
  2. You show us your data fields and we map them onto our data fields until we agree that we
    have all we need.
  3. You put your data into a CSV file, the simplest form of data file that every IT system can
    produce and we load it into Colsys.