A Brief History of CCS

COLSYS credit control software was originally developed as the in-house collection system of a busy city centre solicitors practice which specialised in debt recovery. The software recovered the clients' debts so successfully, the developer, Nick Brook, knew it could help many more organisations collect their debts faster and more efficiently. As a result, he formed Computer Collection Solutions (CCS) Limited in 1989 and has focused on promoting, developing and maintaining the Colsys credit control software package, full-time, ever since.

Nick Brook - Managing Director

Nick's background is in IT software development - he's definitely the 'techie' in the company. He writes the software and keeps it up-to-date. And he's on-hand to answer any technical questions and resolve any difficult problems. With over 30 years experience in the Credit industry, from Credit Reference to Debt Recovery, Nick not only knows the technical aspects of the business but also the practical side. He spent 5 years as the Office Manager of the solicitors he was developing the software for and as a result knows what is required for software to do the job "on the ground" not just from a technical perspective.

Combined with the experience gained from the wide range of customers of CCS this puts him in a unique position to listen to your needs and translate them into the right solution for your credit control requirements.




John Leigh - Sales and Marketing Director

Colsys is delighted to welcome its latest new hire, John Leigh. John has a proven track record of increasing revenues and profits through strategic marketing and sales. He has decades of experience in business development. He specialises in ICT products and services. His extensive experience was gained from working with blue-chip ICT companies such as IBM and Capgemini. He has worked across many business sectors, both public and private. His range includes the very small deal (2,000) and the very large (1.5bn). John's role will be to drive the next phase of Colsys' growth.







Ann Andrew - Helpline and Administration

Ann joined CCS in 2007 to take over the day to day administration of the company and to provide Help Line support. With a background in both admin. and supporting people she is the ideal person to act as first contact for our customers and suppliers. If you need to know where a particular feature is within COLSYS or how to post a specific transaction, ask Ann.





Andy Curran - Senior Programmer

Andy has had a number of years experience in the commercial programming arena and came to us in 2007 to take the position of senior technical wizard. If it's a technical problem Andy will be your first port of call. His in depth knowledge of the system is increasing every day and he will be able to guide you through the nuances of tricky technical problems in his own inimitable Yorkshire style.





Janet Brook - Customer Support Manager

Janet joined the company in 2008 to focus solely on customer support, as the company expanded further. Her background is in the care and customer service industries and she takes great pride in looking after all the people who use their credit control software on a day-to-day basis. Janet runs the help line; answering questions and ensuring people are confident in using the system. (This gives their line managers some valuable time back too.)






Experts in Credit Control Software

Colsys only offer debt recovery and credit control software - it is our core business and we have over twenty years experience creating software that helps companies recover their debts quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

"We have used Colsys for over 10 years and have collected over 1.5 million since using their service. We find the system very effective, easy to use, and very reliable."

Finance & Corporate Services Department London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

CCS 2002 Ltd. Your Interest is our Business.

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