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Here’s where we say how brilliant we are, so please excuse our lack of modesty. Our founder is a leading light in the credit management business and more specifically the automation side of it. He built the UK’s first credit checking systems just after the Ark was launched. He knows credit management through every step of its life cycle from first reminder to litigation and out the other side. Our team has been building credit management software for decades. Now we have launched a new, state of the art, Cloud-based software tool for small and medium businesses.

Meet the Team


Our founder Nick Brook, started CCS in 2002 after a long career working for debt recovery firms. CCS has provided leading-edge software delivered ‘as a service’ for two decades.
Talk to Nick if you need a credit management guru.


John Leigh, sales & marketing, has been in the ICT Services market since forever. John has a long, deep background in bringing new software and services products into the market.
Want to buy something? Talk to John.


andyAndy Curran is our technical support and programming supremo. Andy works on fixes (not that we need many), upgrades, new products and new features. Got a problem? Ring Andy.

annAnn Andrew is our office manager. She keeps the ship on course by managing payments, suppliers, invoices and all other matters administrative. Want to give us money? Call Ann.



JanetJanet Brook is our Customer Liaison Manager. Janet’s life has been devoted to caring for other people. Need help? Call Janet